• Idaho teenager sues school district over alleged locker-room rape
  • Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles tabbed to host Super Bowls in 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Breathtaking Photos Capture Cuba’s Legendary Ballerinas Dancing In The Streets
  • Toyota and Volkswagen invest in ride-hailing apps: ‘the future of mobility’

Idaho teenager sues school district over alleged locker-room rape

Three teens have been charged over the attack, which took place after one of the victims teammates pretended to give him a hug, lawsuit says A black teenager who prosecutors say was sexually assaulted by three white football players in the locker room of a Idaho high school has sued the school district, alleging the rape was the culmination of months of racist taunts and physical abuse. The federal lawsuit…


Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles tabbed to host Super Bowls in 2019, 2020, 2021

NFL names Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles as host cities for Super Bowls following 2018, 2019 and 2020 seasons If you spend billions of dollars to build it, they will come. Three times over. The NFL awarded Super Bowls to Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles, three cities that made significant financial investments in new stadiums or recently upgraded an existing one. Atlanta will host the game in 2019, followed by…


Breathtaking Photos Capture Cuba’s Legendary Ballerinas Dancing In The Streets

In Cuba, the ballet is something of a national treasure. The dancers recruited into Alicia Alonso’s storied company Ballet Nacional de Cuba, for example, reportedly make more money than doctors and enjoy a level of fandom reserved only for pop stars in the United States. The Cuban government not only funds ballet training but also subsidizes tickets to ballet performances. Lovers of Cuban dance like to say the adoration and skill is in their DNA. “You…


17 Reasons We Should All Live By Kesha’s Wisdom

Happy birthday to the pop star, icon, life coach. 1. She knows how to handle haters. View this image › reallysadshit.tumblr.com 2. And refuses to let them bring her down. View this image › Ethan Miller / Getty Images / BuzzFeed 3. She isn’t limited by anyone else’s expectations. View this image › Frazer Harrison / Getty Images (Source.) 4. And knows she isn’t defined by how she spends her…


She Was Nervous When She Got On Stage, But Someone Sweet Gave Her Courage

At a news conference for STRIVE, a nonprofit organization that helps teens and young adults with intellectual disabilities in Portland, Maine, Suzy Cloutier was invited to speak. After approaching the podium and looking out at all of the people in the crowd, she suddenly grew nervous. She’d been hit with a terrible case of stage fright. Just when she was about to give up, something amazing happened. Stage fright overcome…


Jimmy Barnes Speaks Out For Marriage Equality

Cheap wine and a three-day… wedding? Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes proclaimed his support for marriage equality at the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day on Sunday. Out at #FairDay yesterday supporting #MarriageEquality To support call 1-300-663679 — JimmyBarnes (@Jimmy Barnes) The former Cold Chisel frontman spoke to lobby group Australian Marriage Equality, leaving a voice message in favour of same-sex marriage as part of the ‘Equality…


This Was His Last Photo Ever. Because Minutes Later, Something Unthinkable Happened.

18 year-old Cheng Changjiang was relaxing after exams and posing for pictures at a rural spot in Xinyang, at Henan province in central China, when tragedy struck. What happened next would affect Cheng so seriously and so permanently, but that didn’t stop him from putting his life on the line to save children in trouble. Cheng Changjiang was so happy when he posed for this picture…. but he would be…


Here Are The 11 Most Blatant Signs That Summer Is Over.

Who doesn’t love summer? It’s a time for vacation, fun in the sun, and no school. Unfortunately, summer will eventually end for everyone. You’ll have to come back from vacation, school will start and (if you live in unlucky parts of the world) the weather will begin to suck. These are the signs that summer is over and you’re staring down the barrel of fall. Yuck, fall. 1.) Football Is…


Arkansas Legislature Expected To Pass Law Allowing LGBT Discrimination

“I think there is no doubt it is going to pass,” the bill’s sponsor, Republican state Sen. Bart Hester, told BuzzFeed News. View this image › Danny Johnston / AP The Arkansas legislature is expected to pass a law by week’s end that would block cities and counties from enacting anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBT people. “I think there is no doubt it is going to pass,” Republican state Sen….


These 12 Real Animal Hybrids Seem Too Cool To Exist. But They Do.

Hybrid animals may sound like science fiction, but they’re not. Hybrids are typically the topic of my own secret dreams. Said dreams usually revolve around owning a gorilladillo (a cross between a gorilla and an armadillo). Apparently, I might be closer to achieving that goal than I thought. You wouldn’t think that the animals below are real, but there are many living examples of such creatures. Unfortunately, most (not all) hybrids end…


Could You Survive On Mars?

Are you willing to go without pizza, beer and Snapchat for the rest of your life? View this image › NASA / BuzzFeed / Via mars.nasa.gov 2. The first settlers on Mars are going to have to give up an awful lot of home comforts.   From phone calls home (there’ll be between 3 and 22 minutes delay on all communication) to going outside without a spacesuit on (the extremely…


After He Ran Into The Windshield, He Told Police That He Was Possessed

It’s not often that you hear of people being possessed by evil spirits that are telling them to behave like they’re insane, but that’s what allegedly happened in Hong Kong earlier this week. A dashcam video uploaded to Facebook shows footage of a very normal-looking Saturday afternoon drive through the city. At least that was the case until a man identified only as Li came from out of nowhere, jumped…


Toyota and Volkswagen invest in ride-hailing apps: ‘the future of mobility’

Toyota announced partnership with Uber as Volkswagen puts $300m into Tel Aviv-based app Gett, in move that could pave way for apps to use self-driving cars Two major car companies announced on Tuesday investments in ride-hailing apps, signaling both a growing role for on-demand cars and a new groundwork for app-enabled self-driving fleets. Toyota will be investing and partnering with Uber, and Volkswagen is putting $300m into Tel Aviv-based ride-sharing…